Ingredient: Organic Castor Oil

Organic Castor Oil

Organic Castor Oil (Ricinus communis)

Castor oil is a form of vegetable oil that is derived by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant. The name itself is derived from the Latin word meaning beaver and is likely the result of its used as a perfume base. It replaced the use of perineal glands of the beaver some time ago. For anyone looking for a great dry dog nose cure, this is an essential ingredient to consider.

It is usually a colorless oil, though it may have a yellow tint to it. It is a triglyceride and approximately 90 percent of the fatty acid chains contain within are ricinoleates.

Why Use Organic Castor Oil for Dogs

Ricinoleic acid is considered rare, in terms of skin treatment products and ingredients. Since castor oil is comprised of 90 percent of this important acid, it can provide powerful healing to dry skin, especially those on the snout of a dog.

Any natural dog snout soother or shine can benefit from this ingredient because of its healing potential.

Essential Properties of Organic Castor Oil

Ricinoleic acid is a monosaturated, 18-carbon fatty acid and what makes this such a rare component is the fact that is has a hydroxyl functional group on the 12th carbon. This makes ricinoleic acid more polar than other fats.

This helps to provide better and even faster healing for dry skin conditions. It also contains a number of other fatty acids, including

  • Oleic acid
  • Linoleic acid
  • a-Linolenic acid
  • stearic acid
  • palmitic acid
  • Dihydroxystearic acid

Adding castor oil to any natural dog snout shine can offer healing properties as well as comfort.

Parts Used

The seeds of the castor oil plant are pressed and then refined to separate out this important and rare ingredient.

History of Castor Oil

There have been many uses of vegetable oils, including castor oil, through the years. As a skin care product, its uses have been noted in many cultures, but recently its benefits have truly begun to be noticed.

For anyone who is looking for a dry dog nose cure, castor oil is a great ingredient to be on the lookout for, especially when they are in search of a natural dog snout shine. The healing properties of castor oil make it essential for any valued product.