Ingredient: Organic Cajeput Essential Oil

Organic Cajeput Essential Oil

Melaleuca Cajuputi

The cajeput oil is an oil considered to be highly volatile that is derive from the myrtaceous tree. This type of tree is indigenous to South Asia and some of the hottest places throughout Australia. The word itself, cajeput, is Indonesian and means ‘white wood.’ For dogs that have suffered damaged paws and are painful, getting relief and healing as soon as possible is essential.

A dog’s paws are extremely important to its health and well-being. When a dog has damaged paws due to drying or cracking, they may have a tendency to remain sedentary rather than being active.

Why Use Cajeput for Dogs

Cajeput oil has been used in a variety of applications through the years and is reported to have similar uses as clove oil, though its properties are much different.

One of the common factors for dogs that suffer painful paws due to damage, either from running too often on concrete or pavement, for example, or poor diet and nutrition is that they aren’t producing the right fatty acids that are an important component to health skin.

The snout and paws for a dog are some of the most sensitive to drying conditions and relying on supplements or ingredients like organic cajeput oil helps to restore that moisture to vital parts of the body.

For dogs that may be dealing with damaged paws, it can be a painful experience for them, which is why cajeput oil is an important ingredient in any paw soother. It can act as an antiseptic to some degree, helping to fight against fungal infections, and it can also be used to numb some degree of pain.

Essential Properties of Organic Cajeput Oil

Cajeput is commonly used as a mild pain reliever, such as by dentists who advise patients to rely on it for gum pain. It is also commonly used to treat headaches, toothaches, and as a tonic. It can also be applied to the skin to fight fungal infections and has been used to treat joint pain when applied with other ingredients.

Cajeput oil is not commonly used alone but rather in concert with other ingredients to provide comfort and healing.

Cineole is the active chemical component found in cajeput oil and when applied to skin, it creates surface warmth and mild irritation, which helps to relieve pain that resides below the surface of the skin.

History of Cajeput Oil

It is unclear how long cajeput oil has been used for, but it is only produced on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi. The oil is extracted from leaves that are collected on a hot day. It is then macerated in water, distilled, and fermented overnight.

It has a strong, pungent odor but can be effective as a mild pain reliever. For anyone whose dog is suffering from painful paws due to damage, any paw soother than contains cajeput will be helping to bring comfort and healing.