What Should You Do To Treat Irritated Dog Wrinkles?

What Should You Do To Treat Irritated Dog Wrinkles?

What Should You Do To Treat Irritated Dog Wrinkles?

Pugs, bulldogs, and other wrinkly dogs are at risk for developing infections between their adorable skin folds. Irritated dog wrinkles are common but they shouldn’t be considered the norm. It’s important to treat your dog’s condition as soon as possible to reduce discomfort and prevent the infection from getting worse. One of the first signs of irritated dog wrinkles is often a musty or stinky odor. As infection sets in, your dog may develop red inflamed skin, crusty sores or scabs, or slimy skin.

What Causes Irritated Dog Wrinkles?irritated dog wrinkles

Infected or irritated wrinkles can impact any part of your dog’s body, from their squishy face to their wrinkly tail pocket. Wrinkles are easily infected because they are dark and moist, aka the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

That’s why it’s crucial to clean out your dog’s wrinkles as much as several times per day. Every time your dog eats or drinks, moisture and food particles splash up and collect in wrinkles. When they play outside, other types of debris can squeeze in between wrinkles. If this mixture of moisture, food and debris is not regularly cleaned it’ll help foster bacterial life.

Stages of Wrinkle Infections

There are different stages of wrinkle infections, generally beginning with skin fold dermatitis, a fancy term for inflamed skin. Untreated dermatitis can develop into a more serious skin disease such as a pyoderma infection. Pyoderma literally translates to “pus in the skin,” so at this stage you will see bumps that might be oozing icky stuff. Wrinkles are also susceptible to staph infections. Irritated or infected wrinkles will not heal on their own. In almost all cases, the problem will worsen without treatment.

How to Prevent Irritated Dog Wrinkles

irritated dog wrinklesFirst and foremost, visit your vet if your dog’s wrinkles appear infected. Additionally, clean your dog’s wrinkles with a moist towel several times a day, especially after they eat or drink. Go back over wrinkles with a dry towel to remove any moisture. Finish the job by applying organic Wrinkle Balm in between your dog’s wrinkles. Don’t forget to clean your dog’s water dish daily and clean bowls between each feeding. Food and water dishes quickly develop bacteria that can cause infected or irritated wrinkles.

The All-Natural Wonders of Wrinkle Balm

Wrinkle Balm is all-natural, easy to apply, and gentle enough for sensitive bullies, while packing naturally powerful anti-fungal properties that combat yeast, bacteria and crusty skin. Furthermore, every all-natural ingredient in Wrinkle Balm is packed with antioxidants and vitamins specially selected for their ability to improve skin fold conditions and help prevent future outbreaks.

Bye-Bye Smelly, Infected & Irritated Skin!

Kiss your dog on the face without cringing over the smell. Say bye-bye stinky, infected and irritated dog wrinkles, and hello to smooth, healthy and odor-free wrinkles you’ll love smooching on again!