Skin and Coat Supplement 101

Skin and Coat Supplement 101

Skin and Coat Supplement 101

Does your dog need a skin and coat supplement?

Terrier mix with tufted ears scratching

Nopuppy likes to be itchy!

From itchy skin to dandruff, and even hair loss, lots of dogs have it ruff due to skin problems. Healthy skin and a shiny coat are indicative of overall health, but allergies, parasites, genetics, a weakened immune system, and even poor diet can all contribute to over 160 different types of canine skin and coat ailments. Did you know that some commercial dog food does not include the right ingredients for optimal skin and coat health? Indoor dogs who eat dry kibble and spend most of their time in an air-conditioned home are also prone to dry skin. But, no worries—one simple way to give your pup some relief is to add a skin and coat supplement to their daily routine!

As dog lovers, we always recommend checking with a vet before altering your pet’s diet or lifestyle. If your dog has noticeable irritation like redness or scabs, definitely contact your veterinarian to rule out any underlying issues before you try a supplement. Once your vet gives you the okay, find the best supplement for your dog—our all-natural, bite-size tasty chew may be just the ticket!

The best ingredients to help soothe your pup

If you’ve ever taken a supplement for dry skin, some of these should sound familiar—much like many humans, some dogs need a little boost to get all they need for optimal health. The main ingredients in Natural Dog Company’s Skin & Coat supplement are an omega-3 fatty acid, salmon oil, hemp seed, and vitamins.

Algae powder with wooden spoon

DHA Gold

DHA stands for ‘Docosahexaenoic acid;’ despite this cumbersome term, it’s simply an omega-3 fatty acid sourced from algae. Algae is easily farmed, does not harm the environment, and contains beneficial nutrients for humans and dogs alike. DHA is essential for many of the body’s systems, including the heart, eyes, digestive tract, and immune system. Studies have proven that DHA improves skin health and relieves itching caused by many canine skin conditions, which is why it’s our first ingredient.

Salmon oil in bottle and capsules

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Like DHA, fish oils help promote healthy skin. Wild Alaskan salmon oil is full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties. These nutrients can relieve irritating inflammation caused by allergies, dermatitis, and many other inflammatory diseases, making it a useful supplement to any itchy pup’s diet.

Organic hemp seed

Organic Hemp Seed

Hemp seeds are another fabulous source of essential fatty acids, reducing inflammation and promoting healthy cell growth. Rest assured that hemp seed oil does not contain any THC associated with hemp and cannabis. The hemp seed oil in our supplement is also organic, limiting any unnecessary toxins.

Orange slices

Vitamins C & E

These may sound familiar, since you might be taking them yourself! Like people, dogs need the correct dosage of vitamins— C and E both protect cells from decay associated with aging and the effects of free radicals. Vitamin E, in particular, helps promote skin and hair (or in this case, fur) health. Vitamin C is a great boon to tissue health, and can even help wounds heal faster.

The best supplements are safe and ethically sourced

Golden Retriever with flowing coat and paw on supplement jar

Ranger’s luxurious coat? Brought to you by the best ingredients.

At Natural Dog Company, we care about dogs, people, and the planet. Founded by a nutrition consultant and master herbalist, we specialize in toxin-free products made from ingredients that are as close to their natural form as possible. This means we avoid processed ingredients and start with only the best building blocks for all of our pet products.

Responsible pet owners know that the origins of their pet products are important. We source our ingredients only from responsible suppliers in The United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, Spain, and Ghana. We never import ingredients from China or disreputable manufacturers, and use only FDA- and GMP-certified facilities for production. Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standards mean that every step of the process, from raw material sourcing to employee hygiene, is closely monitored and confirmed to be above board.

Additionally, the salmon oil sourced for this supplement comes from fish caught in clean waters, meaning they are low in toxins. Wild Alaskan salmon populations are robust and U.S. fishing is well-managed, making this a sustainable ingredient.

Just what your pup needs, with nothing extra

We know that many dogs suffer from food sensitivities, allergies, and sensitive tummies, so we use limited ingredients in all of our products to avoid any non-essential additives.

The additional ingredients in our Skin & Coat supplement are Vitamin H, salmon hydro, pea flour, flaxseed meal, navy bean powder, garbanzo flour, coconut oil, palm fruit oil, powdered cellulose, sunflower lecithin, coconut glycerin, sorbic acid, rosemary extract, and mixed tocopherol; all are essential to make these chews effective and delicious!

Dogs love the taste of our skin & coat supplement chew

Bonnie is all about this tasty chew!

Dogs love these chews, and vets do too

This is the part where your dog’s tail will start wagging. Not only will Natural Dog Company’s Skin & Coat supplement improve your pooch’s dermatological health, it’s also delicious. We have this on good pawthority from several four-legged customers! This supplement chewable comes in a tasty salmon and pea flavor that most dogs think of as a treat, so convincing your pup to take their vitamins is super simple.

It’s not just your dog who’ll offer their stamp of approval, veterinarians approve too! Practicing veterinarian Dr. Michele King recommends our Skin & Coat supplement to her clients and even gives it to her own pups. She evaluated our supplement as “a high quality, well formulated product with excellent ingredients,” adding that, “this supplement would help with many treatments for skin and coat conditions.”

How much should your pup take?

Dosage for our Skin & Coat supplement is simple, you just need to know your dog’s weight! Here’s the breakdown from smol pooches to bigger doggos:

  • Up to 25lbs = 1 chew per day
  • 26-75lbs = 2 chews per day
  • Over 75lbs = 3 chews per day

Each Skin & Coat supplement tub contains 90 chews—that’s a 3-month supply for small dogs, a month and a half for medium to large dogs, and one month for extra large dogs.

Help your dog be comfortable in their own skin

If you notice your dog’s skin is dry and flaky, if itchiness increases with seasonal skin allergies, or they’re recovering from an illness and need an extra boost, they would probably benefit from a daily skin supplement. Natural Dog Company’s Skin and Coat supplement has proven results and rave reviews all around; here’s what prior customers have had to say:

“Dry, itchy, scabby skin and fur loss…gone! Our little guy was allergic to some grass at our dog park, but loved playing fetch. His skin got scabby and he was always itching and he started losing his fur in small patches… Two treats a day and after 3 weeks his skin was no longer scabby and his fur started growing back in. By week 6, his skin and fur were great and his itching was gone, but now his coat was starting to become much softer! These treats are pretty awesome and we’re thankful for them… Great product! Highly recommend! Love!” — Brandon, May 2020

“Nothing compares to this brand! I highly recommend Natural Dog Company! y 12 year old male Pit Mix…had developed hot spots in his armpit about 6 months ago. I tried other products and even switched his food to a limited ingredient formula which made him less itchy but the Skin & Coat Supplement is amazing and really helped my dog. His hot spots are completely gone!” — Maddy, November 2019

“Love the Skin & Coat supplements! Our Frenchie is 1 year old and seems to suffer from constant dandruff issues. We’ve tried everything! The only thing that has helped get rid of it is the Skin & Coat. We ran out before we ordered this last time and it was very apparent how much the Skin & Coat was working. Another upside is that his coat is so shiny and healthy looking!” — Kathryn, June 2019

Need even more evidence?

Click below to read more reviews of this best-selling product—and buy a jar for your own pup today!