Relief From Dog Skin Allergies: Before & After Reviews Of Skin Soother Show Shocking Results

Relief From Dog Skin Allergies: Before & After Reviews Of Skin Soother Show Shocking Results

Relief From Dog Skin Allergies: Before & After Reviews Of Skin Soother Show Shocking Results

It is possible to find relief from dog skin allergies, just take a look at these before and after pictures for proof. The dogs described below were all suffering from some form of skin allergen that created itchy dog skin, rashes, open sores and a number of other negative side effects. Unsure what to do in order to help their pal find relief from dog skin allergies, these owners decided to put their trust in the all-natural healing powers of Skin Soother. We are so doggone glad they did! See the results for yourself below.


Irritation and dog Skin Allergies healed with Skin Soother

Rambo is a white pitbull from El Cajon, California. The sweet pup suffered endlessly from skin allergies. His owner Carlee writes, “We had recently bought a new harness for him, which unfortunately caused a serious irritation to his armpits, chest and belly.”

Carlee turned to Skin Soother for help, and within 2 weeks she was so glad she did. Within just a couple of weeks, all evidence of Rambo’s red bumps and rash were almost completely gone.

Rambo’s mom writes, “You can really tell his skin is so much more at ease!”


dog skin allergies

Adorable Zeus suffered from an irritating rash that just wouldn’t go away for around 2 months. His mom Stephanie writes: “I was browsing around trying to find something to help his rash. I landed on NaturalDogCompany’s Instagram and did some further investigation and heard that other pets have had amazing results.”

Still, Stephanie wasn’t positive Skin Soother would work on Zeus’ rash, but nonetheless she gave it a try. The results superseded all of her expectations. “I was amazed as to how quickly Skin Soother worked on my dog.” She adds, “It took no more than two days to see noticeable results. Just TWO days, his rash was almost completely healed up in a week.”


dog skin allergies

Kody is an active rescue pitbull mix from Lompoc, California that enjoys spending his time in the dirt, water, sand and grass–all of which lead to dog skin allergies and itchy rashes. Marie D. didn’t want to take away Kody’s favorite pleasures, but she also didn’t want to see him suffering from dog skin allergies.


dog skin allergies

Kody’s dog skin allergies before using Skin Soother

Marie writes, “Now we have an awesome treatment for his skin ailments thanks to Natural Dog products… I bought the small travel size Skin Soother to test out on my pup’s irritated belly/groin and I am amazed at what a difference 3 days of using it has made!!!”

Prior to receiving Skin Soother, Marie had her doubts about how Kody would react to having any type of balm applied to his skin. Marie shares, “Usually he hates any sort of creams, ointments or sprays even near him!” Thankfully, “With this product he rolled right over and let me lather it on!”


dog skin allergies“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” writes Marie.

You are so welcome, Marie and Kody!

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Help Your Dog Find Relief From Skin Allergies

We are always honored to help dogs experience relief from irritating dog skin allergies. Our mission since day has always been to help as many dogs as possible from all around the world. In fact, if your dog is suffering from irritating skin allergies we’d love to help him/her find relief with our all-natural soothing Skin Soother.

Skin Soother can treat and heal:

  • Dry, itchy or flaky skin
  • Acne, rashes and skin irritations
  • Bacterial infections
  • Yeast or fungal infections
  • Hot spots
  • Inflamed bug bites
  • Post-surgical wounds
  • Cuts, scrapes and burns

Skin Soother is packed with carefully sourced ingredients, like organic coconut oil and natural vitamin E. Each ingredient plays a vital role in soothing, healing and maintaining healthy skin. Learn more about every last ingredient in Skin Soother. Plus, you can try Skin Soother risk free – if you are not completely satisfied with the results, simply send it back for a refund.