All About French Bulldogs: Pups With Personality

All About French Bulldogs: Pups With Personality

All About French Bulldogs: Pups With Personality

There’s just something about a French bulldog, that smart little face, those loving eyes, or how about when they sleep with their legs splayed out behind them, just like an oversized frog? Once you own a Frenchie you become obsessed—and those who have one French bulldog usually move on to adopt another, and then another.

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Meet Steve Segares the adorable French Bulldog with an Instagram account!

So where did this adorable dog originate? Ironically not from France, instead it was the 19th Century in Nottingham, England when a smaller version of the English Bulldog was breed. When the Industrial Revolution got underway and men traveled from England to France, these miniature bulldogs, called toy bulldogs at the time, came along for the ride. Obviously the French feel in love fast with this unique breed of canine, and they ended up fondly calling them the French Bulldog. For those that don’t own a bulldog all of the nicknames for this breed might seem confusing, they can be called: frenchies, bat pigs, frog dogs, and even clown dogs. Perhaps clown dog is the most fitting, simply because of the joy and laughter a French bulldog is sure to bring.

French Bulldog Characteristics & Personality

Arguably the most intelligent of the bulldog family, their smarts make them easy to train. These naturally pleasant dogs have a good demeanor although some are more playful than others. Each Frenchie you meet is different than the last; their unique personalities are part of their appeal. Some are extremely hyper and others would rather sleep all day. Almost all of them are a bit hardheaded though, it’s as if they have their own set of logic sometimes—it’s this component of their personality that makes them bad candidates for negative training tactics, instead you want to train French bulldogs with praise and consistency. As varied as their personalities can be, so too are their appearances. For instance, some French bulldogs have a straight tail and others have a piglet corkscrew tail. And while they all have a short and smooth coat (that thankfully does not shed a lot), they can come in a variety of striking colors. Female frenchies tend to have a more slender head and body compared with bulkier males.

Why We Love French Bulldogs So Much

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Steve showing off that some French bulldogs can swim… at least a little!

There are so many loveable traits about the French bulldog, but the only way to truly ‘get it’ is to own this breed yourself. In other words, the more you learn about these dogs firsthand, the more you can’t help but fall face first in love. For starters, Frenchies need a lot of babying, especially if you take them to play in the water. After all they are not the best of swimmers, although some can tread water better than others make sure to keep a close eye on them as they waddle around the shallow area.

This adorable neediness carries over in all aspects of their lives, starting at birth when French bulldog puppies often have to be delivered via cesarean section because they are born with such big heads! From the moment they are old enough to come home with you, they want to be by your side, craving constant attention. This is not the dog for someone who is gone all day and wants to leave him or her alone outside. Not only because they will get lonely, but also because they are not outdoor dogs; as a brachycephalic breed—otherwise referred to as a short-nosed dog—French bulldogs don’t have an efficient panting system and can easily overheat. When it’s too hot their throat will swell, restricting airflow.

Sure your French bulldog might not be a great contestant on a show like Survivor, but that doesn’t stop them from being an incredibly loyal and heartwarming pet. For all of the work you must put into them, you will get buckets of laughter in return. Frenchies never cease to amaze, just playing with or watching these adorable dogs is enough to make anyone smile.

Snout Soother For Sensitive French Bulldogs

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French bulldogs are gorgeous but they also tend to be sensitive, using all-natrual dog products is highly recommended. For allergies, dry dog noses, or rough paw pads Snout Soother is the go-to product for Frenchies everywhere!

Known as a high-maintenance dog, French bulldogs are kind of like a French handbag, way out of budget—but so worth it! A sensitive breed, vet bills tend to be higher, often because frenchies are prone to allergies, something Snout Soother is engineered to treat. At Natural Dog Company we love French bulldogs with all of our hearts, in honor of all the smiles they bless our hearts with, we want to help any French bulldog we can with our all-natural line of dog products that won’t irritate even the most sensitive of canines.

Once you love a French bulldog there’s no going back. For all the dogs you love, Snout Soother is specially formulated to help with a number of problems that can afflict French bulldogs, such as a flakey pink nose or cracking dry paw pads. Our mission is simple: Soothe, Heal, Wag.