How To Heal White Crust On Dog’s Nose: Charlotte’s Story

How To Heal White Crust On Dog’s Nose: Charlotte’s Story

How To Heal White Crust On Dog’s Nose: Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte is a sweet and cuddly canine from California. Recently Charlotte started to grow mysterious white crusty chunks over the top of her nose. At a loss for what to do or how to help, Charlotte’s human-mom tried just about everything, until finally she found the all-natural solution to her beloved dog’s crusty nose problem.

Charlotte before

That’s me before the white crusty stuff on my dog nose was cured.

Woof, Woof, Nice to meet you! My name is Charlotte and I’m a sweet canine from California. One day I noticed my mommy do a double take of me before bending down to take a closer look at my nose. “What is going on here?” She asked, inspecting my suddenly white crusty dog nose.

“I don’t know…” I thought, helplessly looking back up at her. I knew exactly what she was scrunching her own nose up about. I could feel something different about my own nose, but all that I knew was that I needed a solution.

The white chunks growing atop my nose were uncomfortable. Not to mention, my mom looked worried every time she caught a glimpse of me it seemed. And then the experiments started. My mom sprayed me with me with something salty, rubbed this terrible smelling stuffed called ‘Neosporin’ on my nose, and the list goes on and on. I put up with it of course, I’m a good dog and I trust her. I knew that eventually she would find a solution to the white crust forming like unwanted crystals on the top of my nose.

One day a pretty blue packaged titled Snout Soother arrived. But I have to admit, when I saw it coming for me I thought with dread—“Oh-ruff, not again…” I couldn’t help but doubt it, nothing else had worked, why would this be any different? I just hoped this stuff didn’t smell bad or make my face burn.

The moment my mom spread the cooling balm over my nose I instantly felt better. I had no idea how quickly things were about to change. Within practically no time, those dry chunks on my nose were falling off. I could have pranced for joy all day. I remember the moment my mom noticed the difference I had been feeling, her eyes changed a bit and a big smile spread across her face—the biggest smile I had seen in a while! At that moment we both did a little victory dance.

Charlotte after

Here is a photo of my nose AFTER Snout Soother. The differences are unreal, no more dry crusty dog nose for me!

She couldn’t believe her eyes, and I couldn’t believe my nose! I forgot how great it was to smell everything with heightened clarity, to rub up against someone without feeling any discomfort.

From that moment on I held perfectly still for Snout Soother, allowing mom to spread the soothing balm on my nose whenever she wanted. And I’m so glad I did! Within one week my nose could smell better, it felt better, and it looked like every other smooth dog nose down the block. I was healed, cured, and normal again!


Charlotte’s dog nose before and after Snout Soother. Talk about a nose job!

My mom and I can’t say enough thanks to Snout Soother, in fact I’ll let her explain in her own words how much she loves the stuff!

Thank you for your cream . . . truly a miracle cream!! My dog’s nose was suffering from some kind of infection for about a month. I live in the desert and thought maybe she had been bit by something or the intense heat was affecting her nose. I had tried applying Neosporin, a natural dog spray, and salt water . . . but with no good results. After one application of your cream, the crusty white stuff fell off Charlotte’s nose and it began healing. After one week, her nose looked almost completely healed.

Thank you!!

Helen Boek

Borrego Springs California



Thank you Helen for updating us on Charlotte! We love receiving letters from our pawsome customers, and are honored to help canines all over the world find relief from dry crusty dog noses.

After all our mission at Natural Dog has always been the same: saving the world, one snout at a time!

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