Brutus Knows Best: Dry Mounds On Pug Nose Solved!

Brutus Knows Best: Dry Mounds On Pug Nose Solved!

Brutus Knows Best: Dry Mounds On Pug Nose Solved!



Meet Brutus the Pug! See his crusty, dry pug nose? Thankfully Brutus no longer has a dry dog nose thanks to Snout Soother!


Brutus the Pug has a dry dog nose with rough mounds that surface and flake off, only to regrow again. His family is concerned, what will they do about his dry pug nose? They wonder if Brutus is in any pain from his canine nose condition, and the truth is he very well could be experiencing discomfort.

Then suddenly, one day, Brutus no longer had a notoriously dry pug nose! Instead he is now happily living it up with his new moist snout. So what brought about the sudden change in Brutus’ dry pug nose condition? All natural dog balm Snout Soother of course!

It’s not just parents that worry when their dog appears sick, some grandparents feel just as attached to their granddogs–as was the case for this lucky pug. His granpug knew something had to be done about his crusty dog nose condition, she was tired of continually seeing the dry chunks appear like concrete builders on poor Brutus the Pug’s nose.


Brutus gives all of the credit for his new smooth, moist snout to his grandpug, Katherine Koziesek. Katherine simply thanks Snout Soother–and oh dog are we proud to share her testimonial! After all, our mission is to save the world one snout at a time–looks like we did it again!

Brutus The Pug’s Testimonial

Dog Nose Condition: dog nose with dried out concrete boulder with gnarly stalagmite


Before you can see the big chunks on Brutus’ nose, after only 3 applications of Snout Soother they are completely gone!

“We LOVE Snout Soother!! I ordered the combo pack (2oz. and .25 oz travel size) for my Grandpug, Brutus. Brutus’ pug nose was typical . . . It looked like a dried out concrete boulder with gnarly stalagmites growing along the lick ridge. Snout Soother is AMAZING! Started applying the Snout Soother, seriously . . . after just 9 DAYS, his nose now looks like a shiny black button! After applying Snout Soother twice on day one, the stalagmites started to drop off. By the end of day three, the last of the stalagmites were gone. Now it’s nine days later (by day 5 his nose was as good a new) and with daily applications, his nose is moist and smooth and kissable.”

-Katherine Kozisek from Centralia, Washington

BrutusleavesDescribed as “stalagmite” by Brutus’ loved ones, this adorable Pug’s nose literally looked like so many other Pug noses–dry with jagged mounds growing atop. Yet after only a few applications of our all natural dog product Snout Soother, Brutus’ Pug nose began to heal, and grow back moist, smooth, and normal. While the outward appearance of Brutus’ canine nose was reason enough to worry, dogs can also become agitated from the discomfort of a dry or flaking nose. If the condition persists, a loss of smell can ensue.

Often dogs that suffer from dry nose ailments never seem to find relief, that is until you spread a cooling layer of Snout Soother over your dog’s dry, cracked, or sore nose. Instantly your dog will reap the benefits, and within a few days the results will speak for themselves. At Natural Dog Company, we care deeply about canines and wish all dogs to live a long, happy, healthy life full of treats, belly rubs, and healthy snouts–all the better to kiss you with!

Our all natural soothing dog balm, Snout Soother is made to relieve even the most severe dry dog noses. 

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