Dog Slipping on Floors? Here's a Natural Solution!

Dog Slipping on Floors? Here's a Natural Solution!

Dog Slipping on Floors? Here's a Natural Solution!
Dog wearing shoes and looking unhappy

“Not a fan of the shoes, thanks.”

If your dog is slipping on floors on a regular basis, it can stress out the both of you, and even result in injuries! Forget the dog shoes and booties; there are easier ways to provide anti-slip traction for your dog.

While the occasional slip might not cause much concern, and can even be a little comical, falls present the risk for serious injury, especially for senior dogs. Even if your dog is physically unharmed by floor-skating, enough slipping and sliding can make them fearful of walking on certain surfaces.

4 Causes of Canine Floor-Skating…And How to Fix Each One!

PROBLEM: Dry Paw Pads

Dry paw pads are the most common cause for dogs having traction and slipping issues. Healthy paws are meant to be flexible and almost spongy, which allows for their paws to get better and more secure contact with the surfaces they walk on. Unfortunately, dry, chapped, and even cracked paw pads are a very common and largely ignored problem.

Unprotected contact with pavement, snow, sand and many other surfaces can lead to the development of dry and cracked paws. Not only can this be uncomfortable for your dog, but also it causes your dog to lose grip and slip more easily. When the skin is overly dry, it lacks the capability to grip and allows paws to slide across slippery flooring.

Stick of Paw Soother next to a dry dog paw

Our all-natural balm will have these paws looking luscious in no time!

SOLUTION: Apply Paw Soother to Add Grip

Paw Soother is the perfect, all-natural solution for moisturizing and healing paw pads. Within just a few applications you will notice a difference in the look and feel of your dog’s paws. Thanks to healthier paws, your dog will have better traction and grip, meaning less slip-sliding around. That’s why Paw Soother is the leading all-natural product specially formulated to treat some of the worst dry dog paws.

PROBLEM: Reduced Mobility

As our pets go gray with age, many also being to experience arthritis and joint pain. Arthritic and senior dogs lose some mobility and limping or an otherwise altered gait can lead to falls and injuries.

SOLUTION: Redecorate with Area Rugs

Weren’t you looking for an excuse to try the bohemian look? Help your old dog out by adding some area rugs and runners in walkways, and don’t forget the non-slip rug pads beneath!

PROBLEM: Long Nails and Toe Fur


No surprise that these paws struggle with slipping!

Overgrown nails and/or toe fur can also contribute to a dog’s difficulty maintaining good contact with smooth surfaces and increased likelihood of slipping. Even if their paw pads are grippy and moisturized, long toenails can alter the posture of your dog’s toes and prevent the pads from making full contact with the floor. Similarly, long wisps of toe fur can cover up those grippy pads and cause unwanted slippage.

SOLUTION: Keep Paws Well-Manicured

You can help your dog gain more traction by simply trimming nails and fur around the feet! If your dog is shy about having their feet handled, take your time with training them to allow nail clipping, or talk to your vet or groomer for professional assistance. Overgrown nails can cause serious issues including arthritis and possibly require surgery if left unchecked!

PROBLEM: Out of Shape Dog

Overweight dogs are less agile overall and more prone to slipping or stumbling on slick surfaces like freshly waxed floors. Unfortunately, they’re also more likely to be injured by a fall due to the extra stress on their bones and joints.


Dogs kept at a healthy weight live longer, healthier lives! Slowly work in extra low-impact exercise like long daily walks, evaluate food portioning, and eliminate your dog’s “junk food” intake. No more sharing from your plate and replace any sugary or fatty treats with lean meats like freeze-dried chicken or salmon.

Real Results for Dry Dog Paws

Before and after showing Goldendoodle's dry paws fixed with Paw Soother

Our dog has been sliding on the floor and I read this could be caused by dry paw pads, and hers were definitely dry from walking on pavement, etc. I am shocked how smooth the paw pads are after one application! — Mary Jones and her Goldendoodle, Nordy