How to Naturally Protect Your Pet from Mosquito Bites

How to Naturally Protect Your Pet from Mosquito Bites

How to Naturally Protect Your Pet from Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are extremely aggravating, itchy and can even cause different infections and allergic reactions. Mozzies bite our skin in order to obtain our blood which is crucial for mosquitoes to breed. But, we, humans, are not the only ones suffering from these irritating insects. Pets and other animals are also often surrounded by huge mosquito swarms because their blood is just as good as human blood in the eyes of mosquitoes. And often it is simpler for them to bite an animal than a human. Hence, during the summer season, we should not only concentrate on protecting ourselves against mosquitoes but also think about how we can prevent mosquitoes from biting our pets. Unfortunately, many mosquito repellents aimed at animals contain chemicals which can cause health problems to our beloved pets, therefore, let’s look at some effective and natural ways, how we can control mosquitoes and stop them from attacking our furry friends.

mosquito bitesThere are numerous natural mosquito repellents that can be used on fur and skin of animals, which are quite similar to those containing chemicals in terms of efficiency. The only difference between natural bug sprays and artificial ones is the lasting power of the mosquito repellent. Natural insect repellents tend not to last as long as DEET, Permethrin or Permethrin-based sprays do, however, as long as we remember to re-apply the repellent no matter if we use it on ourselves or our pets, the bug spray will work just as good. Add that to the fact that by using a natural repellent we won’t be exposing our pets to harmful toxins and there are more reasons to use a natural product than one that contains chemicals. But bug spray isn’t the only way to ensure that our pets aren’t bothered by mosquitoes.

Another great way to ensure mosquito-free time for our pets as well as ourselves is to use natural insecticides in our backyards or in the areas where our pets spend the most time. We can either opt for a natural ready-made mosquito spray, or use a green insecticide with an insect fogger, because both of these methods will make sure that our outdoors areas are ready for our pets to be enjoyed without getting bothered by annoying insects. And if you worry about these natural yard sprays being harmful or dangerous to your animals in any way then don’t. They don’t leave any scent or residue on the grass or plants, just rid our outdoors space of insects.

Although, using natural mosquito repellents and yard sprays is a great and effective choice, there are many other ways how we can ensure that mosquitoes won’t be bothering us and our pets. Planting mosquito repellent plants in our gardens is another green alternative. On top of that it also is a very decorative way on how we can minimize the number of mosquitoes living in our backyards. There are numerous mosquito repellent plants to choose from. For example citronella, marigolds, catnip, peppermint, basil and lavender are the most common choices, which means that these plants will not only deter mosquitoes but they can even be used as medicine and in culinary, providing fresh greens for our meals and natural remedies for various illnesses. So, having mosquito repellent plants in our backyards has several amazing benefits.

Lastly, if you want decrease the overall number of mosquitoes in your backyard, which will minimize the chances of our pets getting bit, there also are several mostquito bitesnatural options on how we can do that. Firstly, we should keep our gardens clean. We should pick up any old grass and keep our compost under a lid because mosquitoes like to hide in these types of environment. Secondly, since mosquitoes breed in standing water, we should dump and drain our rain gutters, buckets and any other container which might collect rain water. In addition, keeping your grass closely cut in the summer season will also minimize the number of mosquitoes in our backyards because, mosquitoes also like to live in the grass, which protects them from wind, rain and other elements. Finally, adding a misting systems is also an effective way on how to keep our grass and plants hydrated and decrease the number of mosquitoes in our space. Mosquitoes cannot fly in rain, and since misting systems create artificial rain, the mosquitoes naturally won’t come into the area and won’t bother us.

Overall, the best way to protect our pets against mosquitoes is by taking good care of our backyards. On top of that we can also use one of the many different insect repelling products to even further ensure that mosquitoes don’t bother our animals and ourselves. And you don’t even have to chose products that are filled with chemical components, because there are plenty of natural mosquito deterring products that will be just as effective at keeping the mosquitoes away.


Author: Karen Thompson |