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Massage is not just petting. All dogs can use a good massage.


  • have a rough and tumble lifestyle, and a good massage can ease tiny pains and calm the crazies in an active puppy.

Active working dogs:

  • after exercise to work out the bumps and crashes after hunting,
  • straightens twists and bends from agility, frisbee or other doggie games,
  • puts your dog in the mood for obedience, or as a relaxation after an intense training session.

Older dogs:

  • improves circulation,
  • gets the blood flowing to painful areas to increase healing,
  • gives the older dog a sense of love and well-being.

Massage helps injured dogs heal faster and improves circulation, and hand-body contact has been proven to help heal. Gentle manipulation of the injured area keeps it supple during the healing process, when weight bearing might be painful, and keeps the musculature from atrophying during inactivity.

Many older dogs can use my help to continue to be active into a very old age. While younger dogs usually needmy help to improve their overzealous attitude and reverse shyness. I also work with badly injured and postsurgical dogs to help them improve beyond veterinarian expectations.

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